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Tell the story of your life.

Choose your topics

Pick what time periods and aspects of your life you want to log about.

Record your stories

Record your stories in audio, video, or text. Add photos, too.

Share your LifeLogs

Share these stories and parts of your life with your loved ones!

Reflect on your personal journey

Your life journey is unique, with special experiences and influences. With LifeLogs, you can think about how the past you’ve lived has formed the you of today.

Record memories & stories of your life

In LifeLogs, the life topics and time periods are designed to help bring to mind the stories and details that make you who you are.

Share your legacy with loved ones

LifeLogs is an easy way to share stories and memories with those special to you, so you can connect more, and they can know you better.

Beta Users
"I learned eye opening stories of my dad’s childhood."
Beta Users
"I wish my parents did this before they passed away"
Beta Users
"This is a perfect gift for family and friends."